Sports of the world

This year we have different games so far we have ten new games, everyone The games are  Laser Tag Jetpack , Jet Hooping, Hover ball, Flying car races,extreme dodge slice ball , Hover hockey, Fruit fruit ninja, Spring lancer, Spring launcher. Hovering tools you might need so we will sell them in the hovering store only for $1,000,000 also for the first three hours we will be giving the hovering stuff for free.

Laser jetpack- A fun game that is a simulation of flying people that shoots each other. The future of laser tag.

Hoverball- Instead of running your on a hoverboard that actually hovers not a segway and everything else is the same.

Spring lancer- A spring launch people that has a lance which fights each other till one can’t fight any more.(or not die)

Fruit ninja- Like Fruit ninja but in a virtual world.

Hover Hockey- Hockey on dry ice.

Jet Hooping- You’re zooming through the air like you never had before while going through hoops.


By Carl and Toby



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