King of the World

King Kong has finally achieved his goal. He has been reading and signing papers since 2110. He is now 21 and he lives in the White house, with his mum, his dad and his younger brother on Earth. He is planning to make the world into the biggest theme park in the whole Galaxy. He says “When I was a kid I used to go to theme parks and get board in a day or two because I had done all the rides 3 times each.” People are starting to think electing him was a bad idea. Cholea Atverd said “We don’t want to move. We don’t have enough teleporters to transfer all the people and there stuff.” King Kong has forced 13,000 people to pack up and move to Lindos. But people who are refusing to move are getting arrested and put into jail on pluto.
King kong owns 14 Pinapouls, 5 Racoon Bugs, 3 Koala Cats and 1 Uni-whale(there’s only one in the world).



This is the King’s Favorite Koala Cat.


This is the King’s Crown Made of pure gold and it’s Dimond incrusted.

IMG_2761 (1)





by Naomi Nason and Brieannan Smith