Report 1: 9-year old Bob Jackson has finally accomplished his goal! He has made the first ever origami Star Wars model of the Millennium Falcon from dollar bills that actually flies! It has Han Solo, Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia. The plane has flown all the way to Jupiter! He has been awarded a check of a trillion dollars for his discovery. He is in the guinness book of world records. Report 2: Kepler 452-b is now found. ~Botox Butterson has made a flock DC-3 paper airplanes that have flown to Kepler 452-b. He has been awarded a paper plane making machine and 10000000000000000 sheets of paper. Report 3: Gordon Bennett, a troll faced mexican space researcher in R.O.F.L has found the real star wars galaxy. We don’t have much information because that were his last words before he fell into the sarlacc pit. Report 4: Looking through the Magellan telescope, Tevon Riley found a smiley faced meteor. It was as big as Jupiter. He has been awarded a giant smiley ball with orange scent. It will be hitting Kepler 452-b soon. It will destroy the dinosaurs there we need to save them. #SaveTheAnimals. Report 5: Snorkeling in outer space has been invented! Lance Alexander, young boy who loves snorkeling and space has invented it. It is basically putting on snorkeling and swimming in outer space! You can see exotic space animals and maybe the giant smiley meteor (See other report). Report 6: Galactus has been found by Billy Bob Jones the main editor at Marvel studios, has found the real Galactus! Bob has also predicted that he is coming for earth. He has told everyone to escape earth using space snorkeling(see other report). #GalactusIsComing!!! Report 7: This is a very battle hardened space military ship. This spaceship has all kind of weapons like the millenium falcon. Report 7:The astrologer D’Artagnan Gryffin has found the infinity gauntlet which had been lost with the death of the Thanos. Through greedy with power, Gryffin has been trying to reach it. If he gets to it he will be unstoppable and might destroy earth. #SaveEarth. Report 8:Seeing Dr. Strange fighting Goku on the moon, it was streamed live. It was said that Dr. Strange actually won. It was watched by a googol of people around the universe. The guy who saw that fight and streamed it was paid a googolplex of dollars.


By –

Shubhan Khanderi