Flying cars, hover boards, under water cars, train around the world, flying ships, flying bikes, luggage cars.


In December .12/ 2116 Wallet leroy invented the luggage car: You just click the car together and the car become much smaller! You can now take your car into your house! When the car is in normal size it’s a sport car it cannot fly but maybe soon.

The luggage car is on sale in many shops in many colors! Blue, green, black, grey and rainbow!

Finally Annabeth has finished her goal. Jetpacks are on sale! But people have to know how to drive a jetpack because it’s not clearly safe. In march .11/ 2116 was the first jetpack invented. Annabeth was trying for years to make the jetpack work! And finally it worked. You can fly 9621 miles.


Mike Paul has finally finished his goal. He upgrade the hover boards, it can now go faster and higher up in the air. But people are asking about to have a special streets for hover boards and flying bikes. However the hover board is not really safe. People are falling of the hover board high in the air.

Finally the big work is done. The train around the world is finish. People with fear of planes can now go to another country much faster. In june .16/ 2116 Sonja Anita invented the train around the world. Sonja is Setspace Kane daughter, who  invented the underwater cars.

By –

Margret Hallgrimsdottir