World Records

Bill Johnson successfully spends 50 years on a Minecraft multiplayer server. It was set in Antarctica. He said he has been spending his whole life on Minecraft. He has breakfast, lunch and dinner while playing Minecraft. Because he is completely genius he sits on a toilet when playing Minecraft. Whenever he wants to go to the toilet he just does it. You might also be wondering, WHERE DOES HE GET HIS MONEY FROM!!. Very simple he makes youtube videos every week. He also has 480,000,000 million subscribers. He gets an approximate 50 million dollars a year. He also has a butler named Johnny who cleans his house cleans the toilet every once in awhile.


9-year old Bob Jackson has finally accomplished his goal! He has made the first ever Star Wars model of the Millennium Falcon that actually flies! It has Han Solo, Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia. The plane has flown all the way to Jupiter! He has been awarded a check of a trillion dollars for his discovery. It is made of American Dollars.


Baba Sania has screamed the loudest a human has ever screamed. his scream is almost as loud as a howler monkey. His job is being a boxer and his special move is screaming i  there ears. The usually will get knocked out or dazed for approximately 20 minutes. He has even taken elephants down with his super sonic scream. Sadly now he is in  jail for screaming at president Hillary Clinton.  


James Jonathan Jonas has now successfully achieved super saiyan. His true identity as a saiyan has been showed. He has been training over 100g and now his power level is 777,000. A normal human’s power level would be 5. Every time he transforms into super saiyan he destroys everything around it. He is known as the most powerful human because of his super saiyan abilities.

David Beckham has shot a goal from one side of the pitch to the other. David Beckham was playing goalie and shot it into the goal, that is not the most fascinating part, while he shot it the ball nutmegged 5 people and knocked out 2 players. The ball also curved past the goalie and defenders like a BO$$. Then his team won 21 – 0. He got payed 494 million dollars for that fascinating shot and is put in the Guinness book of world records.

Dante Ronaldo is now known as the fastest runner in the universe. He can run the speed of sound. In his genes he has the blood of the flash and quicksilver. You might say that it is not true but now it is. Every time he runs lightning flashes behind him. Every time he races he wins no matter what. He does not need to buy a car because he is so fast. He can run for 15 minutes without stopping.


Johny Strange, better known as dr. Strange is known to be a magician that can do almost anything. He can necromance which is bring people back to life shoot fireballs, lasers, ice, anything with weight (matter). It would take me years to explain all of his powers so I might stop now. His planet was destroyed centuries ago. He was the only survivor who teleported here. He got a record of strangest man doing the strangest things with the strangest powers and strangest looks.

The tallest dog ever recorded was a great dane called “Zeus”, he is about 1.1 meters tall. If he is on his hind legs he is estimated to be as tall as an average human.

By –

Naman Xavier