Super Heros

There’s been many sightings of superhero hybrids lately unfortunately we only found 11 and they all seem to be hybrids, like just the other day we saw a hybrid of Ironman and Hulk.


Breaking news, The pinapow got loose from the Beijing Zoo! We have a witness here with us and she confirms that she saw the pinapow roaming around New York City! Luckily iron man and hulk caught the pinapow and safely returned the pinapow to the Beijing Zoo.


Back again with breaking new, the Cloud Wolf has escaped from the Singapore Jungle.  As a man was fishing in the jungle the Cloud Wolf came sneakily out, we will be back again with the rest of the action.  Back again, we just saw that the Cloud Wolf attacked the man. He walked away with the man. Until Ironman and Batman the hybrid came. It saved the day and took the man to the hospital and the Batman and Ironman the hybrid  took the Cloud WOlf to the Zoo to be held for now. See you soon with the next breaking news.


By –

Mia Ikihele and Aislin Doxen