Flying Cars (Hornet Transportation)

Now on sale at stores worldwide, the Hornet Transportation Society (HTS) has now put on its newest creation, yet… the Hornet 101 Flying Car! Never Before seen, citizens will be dying for an experience of a lifetime.

 “When I first heard of this,” says an American citizen, “I thought, ‘A flying car? I must be dreaming’.” But dreaming you are not. Now for 400,000$, this car is being presented all over the world, and is becoming a popular fashion item.

 The car should be able to hold one to two people per car, and should be able to fly to heights of five thousand feet up to speeds of a hundred miles per hour. What a hit! As advertisements say, “A dream is a dream, and flying is flying.’ Though, not everybody agrees.

 Throughout the centuries, many great innovations have been made, but some may have some drawbacks. Not everybody agrees that flying cars are the safest thing, but they are worth a try. These cars don’t contribute to climate change since gas is not needed. Instead, the Hornet runs on hydrogen powered gas.

 Now on sales everywhere, come try a worth of destiny as you lift up in uproar.       


Hover Car

Imagine a car, not a hoverboard, a car. A car that has the advantages of hovering up to two feet up into the air. Yep, don’t get this wrong, but hover cars are becoming a show to the people of the world. Weighing up to 4,000 pounds, these wheeless cars are one of the hardest cars to drive especially when you feel uncomfortable when riding on a hoverboard. For only $1,000, this car will leap you up into the air. Things are really hovering for reals now.


Motor Car/ Radio Controlled Car

Do you like it fast? Do you like it awesome? The Radio Controlled Motor Car is home now on sales everywhere in America! With full speed to one hundred miles per hour, these cars are extremely fast, and tremendously loud. This car will blow your mind to bits to bits! It has bulletproof windows, and America Racing brand wheels. The car can enable itself to automatically do anything since it is radio controlled, and hyper-powered. Now for more than 400,000$, the Radio Controlled Car is now hyperly powered just for you.

“I never knew this day would come. It’s just amazing!” As people say this, chances are higher. And the car gets more breath-takingly awesome.  

SpeedBoat Car Leisure

Floating on your own cruise, traveling across the world’s oceans will be such as blast. Featuring a car that technically floats on water, and can go to 80 mph is known as new technology. In the latest advert, the car is shown driving in water with dolphins, and a beautiful sunset in the background. John Lewis engineer, scientist, and the first person to actually ride this car said that he enjoyed it. He said that he plans to travel all around the world with a group of other teammates and scientists to explore Earth’s oceans, and how different cultures thrive in different places using the newest Boat Car Leisure, and a large nuclear yacht. If you want to live a life, come aboard the Speedboat Car Leisure only for 2,000$. Enjoy!

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Coleman, Cameron, and Malvin